Online Healthcare: How To Deal With Negative Reviews Online?


Reviews play a very critical role in these times of social media. It can make or ruin the reputation of any business, brand, or service provider. Likewise, those days have gone, when the patient used to recommend any hospital, laboratory, or doctor according to their experience. Now it is all about reviews on social media. According to a survey from Bright Local, 88% of people find online reviews extremely reliable.

Therefore, reviews can set a good repute of your clinic and it will attract more patients while a bad review can repel patients making them avoid coming to your clinic.

Telemedicine has been adopted widely in the USA due to the current situation of COVID induced lockdowns and curfews, patients are seeking online consultation. People prefer to seek help online instead of going to the hospital so that they would not contract the virus unless the condition of the patient is critical. The government also modified their policy of telehealth license in this situation and allowed them to practice online without a telehealth license temporarily.

Moreover, a permission has been granted to recommendsick leaves through video or audio consultation and any type of medicine can be prescribed online except narcotics and controlled substances. Thankfully, the patient can get the best treatment while sitting at home, the patient and the doctor only need a stable and fast internet service.

There are many attributes of a good internet connection, but the most important one is that your audio or video calls are not disrupted during an online consultation. You just need to find a good internet service provider in your area. We recommend that you check Hughes Internet for a seamless internet connection.

Online consultation is a bit complicated as you are not seeingyour doctor in-personand it is hard for doctors as well to satisfy their patients. It is primarily assumed that online consultations get bad reviews due to a lack of personal interaction, but the case is the opposite. According to the research, online consultation results in greater satisfaction.

You can offer remarkable services, have cooperative staff, an exceptional doctor, and amazing application accessibility, but still can end up getting a negative review. Because these things are not constant, no matter how hard you try, you can still have unsatisfied reviews. You should keep your calm in such a situation and follow the following steps.

Do not overreact

You do not need to react abruptly. Always keep you calm and thoroughly evaluate the comment before giving any reaction. It is okay to feel emotional or heartbroken on negative reviews, but getting emotional will take you nowhere. Act sensibly and respectfully to rectify the issue and make your service better. Do not forget to keep your professional decorum.

Try reading things from a different perspective

Try to understand where your patient is coming from, his mindset, and mood play a vital role. Sometimes it must be an error on your part; maybe your service lacks something. Is this the same complaint that was filed by other patients? Is this a genuine problem? Where we can improve? What steps need to be taken to eradicate this problem? You should look into it critically and make changes for good.

Reach out to patients

You need to react publically as well as privately to resolve this issue. You need to reply publically so other people can see that you are courteous, courageous, and generous. Reach out to the patient privately as well so that you will not lose them.

Try to resolve an issue as soon as possible, give your patient a sense of satisfaction and retain him. You do not need to argue with your patients. Always use kind and respectful words and show through your actions that you are trying to resolve the issue. Never ask them to take down the review, as it will give a bad impression.

Identify fake reviews

Not all reviews are genuine; some of them are fake too. You should always look for fake reviews and try not togive them any attention. Those reviews are not worth wasting your time. Always spend your energy on reviews that are authentic and deserve your attention right away. Try your best to make changes according to the review so you can gain the patient’s trust.

Work on your online presence

Always give timely responses to all the queries and complaints and handle all your social media platforms actively. Online blogs, FAQ pages, and other updated information are very important for your online presence. Ask your patients to subscribe and follow you and give their honest feedback. Keep your page updated with the positive and latest information. Proper staff must be hired to answer all those queries.

Wrapping Up

As we said before, the health industry is one of the most competitive industries online. This means that there are many companies out there competing for patients, and as a result, some of them resort to negative reviews online to get ahead or drive traffic to their websites. To avoid this problem, you need to focus on building trust with your potential customers by offeringhigh-quality service.

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