RCA Universal Remote Codes And Programming Guide

RCA Universal

Are you searching for RCA common far off codes? Or questioning which far off codes for RCATV work for your TV?

Are you looking out for RCA standard far off codes for Vizio TV?

Do you comprehend your RCATV far flung codes or RCATV codes however want in addition guidelines?

RCA far off codes are complex. It is quintessential to comprehend about the codes for RCA far flung or far off codes for RCA to function RCATV properly.

In this guide, we have listed down RCATV familiar far flung codes and referred to necessary methods to set up TV or faraway with them.

So, examine on…

RCA Corporation – A Brief Introduction

RCA Corporation, centered in 1921, is a purchaser electronics brand. It started out by using manufacturing phonographs and radio units earlier than transferring into tv receivers and different electronics.

RCA manufactures and sells cable and satellite tv receivers, DVD players, A/V receivers, encompass sound systems, vehicle radios, domestic theater systems, and different patron electronics products.

RCATV Remote Codes and Programming Guide:

They blanketed with RCA familiar far flung the place the gadget and setup codes for RCATVare located. The programming information and RCA TV far flung code are handy on-line or on a rapid reference card with a new familiar remote. This information is additionally complete that consists of codes for RCA far flung and the setup guidelines.

Codes for RCA Remote

There are eight awesome far off codes for RCA and 9 specific codes for VCRs on the RCA Universal Remote. For cable boxes, there are two separate units of codes.

RCATV Remote Codes (Codes for RCATV)

044 038 034 027 019 11 006 zero

RCATV Codes – Cable Box Codes

027 000

RCATV Codes – VCR Codes

069 fifty four 037 035 028 eight 007 005 zero

RCATV Codes – RCA Universal Remote Codes for Vizio TV (Codes for RCATV)

0188 0187 0179 one hundred twenty five 0113 ninety six 0022 0015 0031 fifty four four 0107 ninety four one hundred forty eight 0102 0129 0342 0005 0191 three 0163 0009 0162 0000

Brand                                        Codes

Syntax  1610 1240 1331

Sansui   0463 0171 1670 1892 1935

Panasonic            1480 0250 1457 fifty one 1291 2264

Gateway               1755

Dell        1264

Celebrity               0001

Funai     0001 0171 1963

LG           1423 1447 0017 0178 2358 2424

JBL          0054

Magnavox           1454 1866 1755 fifty four fifty one 0171 0802 1365 1856 1963

JCB         2372

Hitachi  1643 0145

Nexus Electronics            2183

Philips   1454 1866 fifty four 1744 1856 2372 2374

RCA         1547 1447 zero fifty one ninety three 1661 1781 2187 2247 2434

Samsung              0812 0060 0702 0178 1060 2051

Techwood           0051

Viewsonic           1755 0885 1330 1365 1578 1627 1640 1742 2014 2087 2277

TVS         463

Soyo      1826

Pulsar    0017

Penney                 0000 0156 fifty one 0060 0178

Apex Digital        0748 0765 1217 2397

GE          1547 1447 zero fifty one 0451 0178

NetTV   1755

Prima    761

JVC         0463 fifty three 1253 1601 1774 2264

Insignia 1423 1564 0463 0171 1660 1710 1892 1963 2049

Hello Kitty           0451

Electrohome      0463 1670

JBL          0054

Sanyo    017021039056057058

Proton  011027037072

Bell & Howell          005

Radio Shack         000021025036037059064

Before you go beforehand and strive to application an RCA established far off the use of RCATV codes, make positive of system compatibility. Many producers use exceptional applied sciences for their devices, which means that one far off will no longer work with different manufacturers’ equipment.

In addition, simply due to the fact RCA may additionally have made your TV does no longer imply that the far off RCATV codes listed right here will work with it. There are more than a few sorts of remotes (with specific programming competencies and a number of RCA television codes). Also, there are a couple of applied sciences for TVs, DVD players, etc., making widely wide-spread faraway manage impossible.

RCAUniversal Remote Codes and Programming Guide

The RCA typical far flung is a top notch device to have in your domestic amusement system. It has the possible to manipulate more than one aspects from distinctive manufacturers. So, you don’t have to maintain up with a couple of remotes or fear about dropping one of them. You can even application this faraway manually if necessary. This article will assist you recognize how these units work and how to application them if necessary.

Programming RCA Universal Remote Codes (With 4-digits RCATV Codes)

Enter the four-digit code unique to your gadget the use of the RCA code lists on the product packaging as a guide. This accomplishes two things:

• First, you won’t have to wager which codes will manipulate your aspects considering that they can be exactly matched.

• Second, you can function a direct healthy between your device and the RCA normal remote.

Checking The Programming Of RCA Universal Remote

Once enter the RCA far off codes particular to your device into the RCA general remote, flip on a issue protected in that code. For instance, if you have a TV with this remote, flip it on. Press any button on the RCA customary far flung and seem to be at the element to confirm that it is off or on. If the system did no longer reply top to the command from your RCA well-known remote, test your codes for RCA faraway listing for a special one. Check which one may higher swimsuit your gadget needs.

Getting Started with RCA Universal Remote

Once you have the appropriate codes for the RCA far off entered into your RCA familiar far flung for your system, you can flip on and off or exchange channels. You can put this far off in a central vicinity in your residing room and use it as a command middle for all your audio/video components. You can additionally have a drawer shut via the place you shop all of your audio/video remotes so that you don’t lose them.

Programming RCA Universal Remote Codes

Once the suitable RCA faraway codes are inserted into the RCA generic faraway for your system, flip on a gadget linked to this kind of remote. Press any button and seem at the gadget to see if it responds. If not, you will want to take a look at your codes for RCA far flung listing for a distinct one that higher fits your system.

Programming RCA Universal Remote Codes Procedure

The first-rate way to application an RCA commonplace far flung is via direct RCA TV codes entry. This capacity getting into precise RCA far off codes on the far off manage itself except the use of the manual. This is generally accomplished by means of following numeric or manufacturer listings on the far flung for precise gadgets like TVs, VCRs, DVRs, and audio equipment. You can application different gadgets with an alternate method.

One of these choice techniques is the gaining knowledge of mode. This lets in you to operate direct programming on your common faraway however underneath greater bendy conditions. For example, if the far off comes with a getting to know function, you can take out your TV’s far flung manage and start programming buttons particular to your TV’s functions. You will have to skip via all of the RCA faraway codes till you get to one that works for your tv brand. If the RCA TV code is correct, then press “stop,” and the RCA commonplace faraway will store that code for future use.

Executing Configuration Commands on Your RCA Universal Remote

Once you’ve realized how to application your RCA regularly occurring faraway with RCA TV codes, performing configuration instructions is easy. For instance, if you prefer to delete all of the historical codes in your RCA generic remote’s memory, go into the settings and then program. There you will see all of the preceding RCA far flung codes that you saved for different devices. Press “select” to delete every one till they’re all gone.

On the different hand, if your RCA normal far flung is now not responding or working precise with your device, there is a easy restoration to the problem. First, make positive that the batteries in your far off are sparkling and prepared for use. If so, it may additionally be a count of pointing your RCA frequent far off immediately to the gadget you choose to manage instead than at a sure attitude or from a distance.

If these options do now not resolve the hassle with your RCA ordinary remote, then it is in all likelihood time to name client carrier or the producer of your RCA accepted remote. There are web sites the place you can enter unique codes for your precise machine brand, and they will inform you which RCA far off codes are most probable correct. This saves you time from having to check every one manually on your own.

Steps to setup RCA Universal far off Codes

1. Before the use of the remote, make positive that the batteries are nonetheless spinning. Ensure that it works properly.

2. Turn on any domestic theatre tools factors or devices, such as a tv or a Blu-ray player, that you desire to set up earlier than you commence working with the RCA Universal far flung control.

3. Press and preserve the button corresponding to the issue you’re configuring on your pc for a few seconds to whole the configuration. The on/off button must be lighted at the begin of the system and need to continue to be illuminated throughout.

4. To end the procedure, press and preserve each the aspect button (TV, Blu-ray player, or DVD player) and the on/off button at the equal time for many seconds. The deactivation and reactivation of the lighted on/off button will take vicinity simultaneously. After that, it ought to routinely flip itself again on once more to proceed working.

5. After the on/off button has been illuminated as soon as again, launch each of the buttons that you are now keeping down on the keyboard. Make certain to flip it on at all instances to make sure suited operation.

6. To watch the movie, press and keep the play button on the far off manage for a few seconds till the film starts. Click on the play button each 5 seconds after that, and maintain doing so till the issue you’re programming no longer responds. If the element does no longer flip off after 5 seconds, press the play button a 2d time till it does.

7. To entire this step, press and preserve the reverse button on your keyboard for a few seconds. If you have tested that the element has been efficiently reset, you ought to proceed to push it each few seconds till the issue has been effectively reset.

8. The cease button should be pressed and held for a few seconds after the system has been engaged to store the programming in the remote’s memory.

9. Each system you prefer to software will want the equal set of tactics you used for the preceding devices.

10. The direct RCA far flung codes enter approach can also restore the difficulty if the auto code search does now not characteristic top for any reason.


1.      Where can I buy an RCA widespread faraway control?

RCA generic faraway controls are on hand on-line and in ordinary retail stores. You can additionally buy them immediately from the RCA website. It additionally presents extra records about their products.

2.      How do I reset my RCA everyday far off control?

If your RCA ordinary far flung is thru a third-party site, contact that precise website online for assist on resetting the system by using its proprietary RCA faraway codes. If you bought the RCA prevalent faraway without delay from the RCA website, follow their “self-programming” approach to reset it. Start by using doing away with all of the batteries from the device, and make certain that they are changed inside three minutes. Press and maintain any button on your far off for three seconds, then launch solely that one particular button whilst persevering with to keep down all of the different buttons. Wait at least 5 seconds, then press and maintain the electricity button and any machine button corresponding with a programmed aspect for three or greater seconds. The on/off button have to flip off completely, area your batteries again in their applicable positions, and you have to be in a position to use the RCA commonplace far flung normally.

3.      How do I replace my RCA usual faraway control?

RCA popular faraway controls can be up to date on line via their internet site or with the aid of the use of the “self-programming” approach particular in this article. The latter approach requires downloading an improve file from their internet site and loading it onto a USB drive. Next, you want to put off all batteries from your far flung and plug in the USB drive. Finally, you can comply with the “self-programming” approach particular above – don’t neglect that the identical procedure will want to be used for every machine you favor to application into your frequent faraway control.

4.      How many RCA well-known faraway codes are there?

There are greater than 1,000 RCATV customary far flung codes. However, these RCATV codes additionally comply with a sample based totally on their corresponding system name. This skill that if “TV” is programmed into your RCA regularly occurring far flung control, it need to have get entry to to extra than a hundred RCATV ordinary far off codes. After trying all of the applicable RCATV codes options, one will grant the favored result. If this does now not work, strive getting into the manufacturer-specific code(s) for your particular device.

5.      Do I want to do away with batteries when programming an RCA general faraway with RCATV codes?

There is no want to get rid of the batteries to software new devices. The solely occasion when this ought to be finished is when you cast off or add programmed aspects at any given time. The solely exception is if you’re the use of the self-programming technique, and then you will want to whole the programming manually and the resetting process.

6.      What do I do if my strength button is working however different buttons aren’t?

First, If your energy button is no longer turning off gadgets that are set up with the RCA conventional remote, this capability that both the batteries want to be changed or you are coming into mistaken codes for RCA remote. And If possible, exchange the batteries first; if they already show up new, attempt programming in an alternate code (for example, 0000) and strive to flip off your component. If this does no longer work, make positive that the machine is programmed, and strive getting into a distinctive code to see if you can use your RCA conventional far off manipulate elsewhere.

7.      What are the ideal batteries for my RCA widespread far off control?

It would assist if you changed all batteries with both AA or AAA batteries. Cheap alkaline or lithium batteries are the nice options, although you can use different manufacturers if your RCA time-honored faraway manage is no longer running correctly. Don’t use rechargeable batteries in any circumstance, as these can injury your device.

8.      Do I have to press a button for it to work?

RCA common far flung controls have an “auto-repeat” function that makes it feasible for you to keep down a button barring having to press it repeatedly. This is mainly beneficial when the use of macros, which are collections of instructions that can be activated by way of urgent more than one buttons at as soon as or in sequence.

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